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Counter-Depth vs Standard-Depth Refrigerators


Wondering what the difference is between counter-depth and standard-depth refrigerators? Here’s everything you need to know.

Shopping for a new refrigerator? There are so many options available when it comes to refrigerators that it can be overwhelming. Do you want to get a bottom-freezer, top-freezer, side-by-side, 2-door, 3-door, or even a 4-door? It honestly all comes down to preference and what your usage for the refrigerator will be.

TIf you’ve already decided that you want a freestanding refrigerator, one decision that may not be so easy to make is choosing between a counter-depth or standard-depth refrigerator. What really is the difference anyway?

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The Differences Between Counter-Depth and Standard-Depth Freestanding Refrigerators

Standard-depth and counter-depth refrigerators are both types of freestanding refrigerators. This simply means, they don’t need to be installed professionally or have countertops and cabinets moved as a part of the install.

The biggest difference between counter-depth refrigerators and standard-depth refrigerators is the depth of the refrigerator. Counter-depth refrigerators are generally shallower and standard-depth refrigerators are generally deeper. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of each type.

Counter Depth Refrigerator

Counter-depth refrigerators are not as deep as standard-depth refrigerators. The generally range from 24 to 28 inches in depth, including the doors and handles. The shorter depth of these refrigerators allows them to sit flush with your countertop. Which will give your refrigerator a built-in feel without splurging on a built-in refrigerator.

Standard Depth Refrigerators

Standard-depth refrigerators are generally deeper than counter-depth models ranging from 28 to 36 inches deep. Choosing a standard depth refrigerator can provide you with more cubic feet of storage since these models are deeper. Keep in mind though that the refrigerator would be sticking out farther from the countertop and taking up floor space. Standard-depth refrigerators are not limited to any specific style.

So what refrigerator should you buy?

Well, this will mostly come down to your personal preference, but you do also need to measure your space and decide if you have room for the refrigerator you want. That way you will not be disappointed once you get that new fridge home and your space isn’t big enough!

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