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Double Oven Ranges vs Single Oven Ranges


Kelly’s Appliance offers many types of ranges including double oven ranges. The double oven range is much like the traditional single oven range but with two oven compartments.


You might be wondering why you would consider getting a double oven as opposed to the single oven you have likely grown accustomed to. We would love to share with you the benefits and the drawback of switching to a double oven range.

Benefits of Having a Double Oven Range

Simultaneously cook two different dishes: You are able to cook two different dishes at the same time. Having two ovens is especially helpful when your dishes require two temperatures.

Quick preheat time: The smaller cavity of the double oven range will preheat much quicker because of its capacity size. This is especially helpful if you need to cook something quickly.

Oven’s temperature is easier to control: Since each oven is smaller in a double oven than a single oven, the temperature is much easier to control.

Drawbacks of the Double Oven Range

Bottom portion really low to the ground: One drawback of the double oven is that it is really close to the ground so when you have to put something in the bottom portion you have to bend over.

Cost more: Typically, the double oven ranges costs more than the single ovens.

Lose storage: Many single oven ranges have a storage drawer underneath but if you get the double oven then you lose that storage area.

Choosing Single Ovens Instead of Double Ovens

Some consumers have no interest in purchasing a double oven range because their single oven range is perfect for their needs. They hardly would benefit from having a second cooking space in their oven.

However, many of our customers admit to not having enough space in their oven, or they are finding it difficult to cook multiple dishes (especially when the cooking requirements are so different from one another).

Ultimately, your decision between a single oven range and a double oven range comes down to whether or not you're constantly needing a second oven to cook a separate dish simultaneously.

Purchase an Oven at Kelly’s Appliance

If you are located in Salem, Corvallis or Eugene, Oregon come into a Kelly’s Appliance if you are looking for a double oven range. One of our amazing sales team members can answer any questions that you have, and we can set you up with an oven that fits your needs.


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