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Fisher & Paykel Professional Cooktop Review


When it comes to professional cooktops, there's nothing quite like cooking with gas..

Aside from the satisfying feeling of seeing the flame rise and fall at the twist of a knob, such bigger or smaller flames mean you can have hotter or mellower temperatures with just the flick of the knob. But what makes a professional cooktop professional? For one, the range of temperatures is a good indicator. Professional cooktops offer both higher and lower temperatures than conventional cooktops, but there are a number of other features that come into play too. Today, we're going to take a quick look at one of the best cooktops on the market today, the Fisher & Paykel CDV3-365.

Induction range

Fisher & Paykel's CDV3-365 is a 36”, 5 burner gas cooktop equipped with the company's patented Dual Flow Burners system. While most gas cooktops have just a single line of gas going to each burner, Fisher & Paykel have added a second, low capacity gas line in cooktops with the Dual Flow Burner system. While the main line can still supply up to a 20,000 BTU flame for most major cooking applications, the smaller line can go as low as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you a quick and comfortable setting for simmering without the risk of burning or boiling over. On select models, the controls also have a halo light to help you know which lines are active, so you never forget to turn off a burner.

The self-locating grates are designed to leave ample room for the flame to reach the bottom of the pan, thus making sure energy isn't unnecessarily used heating the grates instead of the pan. The burners are sealed, and there is a single sheet cooking surface they stand on, making cleaning the cooktop an easy task. The continuous grates are designed for the safe sliding of pans from one burner to another, and for those interested, a wok ring accessory is also available. Unique to Fisher & Paykel cooktops is the center burner, which provides ample room for the bigger stock pots that are used for canning or cooking for a crowd. And of course, as with all Fisher & Paykel appliances, you'll get the same distinctive, bold styling, which will match with anything in Fisher & Paykel's Professional style family of appliances.

So there you have it, one of the top cooktops on the market today. The low-temperature capability of the burners to simmer or melt can prevent burnt sauces or soups from boiling over. The Fisher & Paykel also has the halo light to alert which burners are on, so you can know immediately if one is left on. Deciding which range you favor may take a little time, but deciding where to get it from should be no problem at all: right here at your local Kelly's Appliances.

Induction Range

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