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Front Load or Top Load Washers: Which One Should I Choose?


If you are in the market for a washer you will notice that there are two distinct types of washers that you can choose. You can choose a front load washer where the door is in the front and opens towards you. You can also choose a top load washer where the lid is on the top and opens toward the ceiling.

It may be a difficult decision to figure out which washer you would like to purchase and so in this article we will discuss the differences between a top load and front load washer.


Not only are front and top load washers loaded in different locations, but they also have slight differences in how they run. Understanding the differences can help you make a more educated decision on which washer you would like to purchase.

What are the benefits of a front-load?

Many customers like to lean toward having a front load washer. There are quite a few benefits of a front load washer, and they include:

Energy Efficient: Since front load washers use less water, they are more energy efficient, and the clothes end up dryer than if they were in a top load washer.

Eco-Friendly: Since a front load washer uses less water, it takes a lot less power to run and thus lowers your carbon footprint.

Attractive: A lot of people love the look of the front loader washer. Customers like the high-end look.

Better Washing Performance: Front load washers have typically been known for taking care of fabric better and having higher performance.

Quieter: Due to the motors used in the front-load washing machines, the machine is traditionally quieter than a top-load washer.

What are the negatives of a front-load?

Although there are some great benefits to getting a front-load washer there are also some negatives that need to be considered. Some of the negatives of front load washer include:

Harder to Get Clothes: Some people don’t like having to bend down to the floor to get their clothes. Bending down to the ground is difficult for some clientele (typically the elderly).

Foul Odor: If the washer is not cleaned regularly & properly it can easily develop a musty smell to the machine.

Mold: Front load washers can easily get stained in the front filter of the unit and it can be very difficult to remove.

What are the benefits of a top load?

Some customers really prefer top load washers as opposed to front load washers. Some of the benefits of a top load washer include:

Larger Loads: Typically, if you are seeking for a washer that can handle larger loads, the top load washer would be the best choice. Families who have a lot of members living in the home sometimes lean towards a top loading machine due to the ability to get a larger quantity of clothes washed at once.

Requires Less Maintenance: Top load washers are usually very reliable and require less maintenance than the front load washers.

Unique Features: There are many top load washers that have pre-treat features that front load washers just don’t have. Therefore, you have many cool options.

What are the negatives for a top load washer?

Of course, with any appliance, there are some negatives. Some of the negatives with a top load washer include:

Harsher on Clothes: Top load washers can be a little bit more harsh on clothes and therefore cause more damage to the fabric.

Harder to Grab Clothes: Some customers have complained that top load washers are difficult to clean out because it is hard to grab the clothes at the bottom of the machine.

Consumes More Water: A top load washer typically consumes more water than a front load washer. Therefore, top load washers consume more energy than front load.

Which type of washing machine should I get?

Deciding which type of washer to purchase can be difficult. Both of the types of machines bring their own benefits and drawbacks.

If you are looking for a washer that is softer on your clothes, then the front load washer would be the one for you, as long as you are okay with the possibility of mold building up in the front of the machine.

If you are looking for a washer that handles heavier loads, then the top load washer is perfect, as long as you are okay with the machine being a little harsher on your clothes.

What’s Next?

If you are in the Salem, Eugene or Corvallis area in Oregon then head on over to one of our Kelly’s locations. One of our trained staff can help you decide which washer is perfect for you and your family.


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