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GE Profile vs. Cafe: A Detailed Comparison


A leader in innovation for decades, GE has been at the forefront of the appliance world. They have a wide range of appliances, for all lifestyles and budgets. GE is focused on the end consumer’s experience, quality, and durability, and they spend thousands of hours across all their brands to ensure that quality is delivered to you. Of the 6 brands under the umbrella of GE, we are going to look at two today: GE Profile and Cafe. Both of these product lines work to offer a beautiful aesthetic, reliability, and premium quality to your home. While these lines are comparable to each other, each fills a unique role.

GE Profile vs Cafe/hero

GE Profile: Working Smarter

With the GE Profile line of appliances, you’ll find the latest in innovative smart features. These appliances are cutting-edge and allow you to work smarter, not harder, when completing household tasks. GE Profile is for shoppers who want innovative features that will make their lives simpler. GE Profile offers both kitchen and laundry appliances.

GE Profile Washers and Dryers

GE Profile Top-Load washers with Smarter Wash technology will learn your laundry preferences and make your life easier and auto-set your washer to work with your specific laundry needs. These laundry units are also equipped with built-in Alexa so you can stay connected or listen to music all while you get your laundry done.

Kelly’s Top GE Profile Laundry Picks

GE Profile Washer/Dryer Combo with Ventless Heatpump

GE Profile Top-Load Laundry Pair

GE Profile Front-Load Laundry Pair

GE Profile’s Enhanced Refrigeration

Combining elegant and sleek design with innovation, GE Profile brings a whole new level of food preservation with what they have coined smarter chilling. The GE profile Smart 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator with Dual Dispense is equipped with amazing and hassle-reducing features. Inside the fridge, you’ll get a Dual Dispense AutoFill Pitcher, Adjustable Temp Drawer, and Built-In Wife for software updates, LED control, SmartHQ app connectivity, and more.

Kelly’s Top GE Profile Refrigerator Picks

28.7 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French-Door Fridge with AutoFill Pitcher

22.1 Cu. Ft. French-Door Fridge with Hands-Free Autofill

27.9 4-Door French Door Fridge with Door In Door

GE Profile’s Unique UltraFresh™ Dishwashers

GE Profile’s UltraFresh™ dishwashers are sure to make a splash in any home. These dishwashers have integrated Microban technology that is designed to fight the build of microbes and bacteria–ensuring your dishes get as clean as possible. These dishwashers also come equipped with Steam+Sani cycles, enhanced drying capabilities, deep clean silverware jets, and a built-in third rack (to name just a few).

Kelly’s Top GE Profile Dishwasher Picks

24” Stainless Steel, Bar Handle Dishwasher

24” Stainless Steel, Pocket Handle Dishwasher

18” Stainless Steel Dishwasher

GE Profile Cooking

The cooking experience with GE Profile is about as innovative and smart as they come. With wall ovens and ranges designed with a whole suite of features, your culinary experience is sure to get that much simpler and more efficient. With built-in Hot Air Fry, in-oven cameras, remote notifications, and precision cooking settings, you can’t go wrong with a GE Profile wall oven or range. They offer both gas and electric ranges as well as single, combo, and double wall ovens to fit your lifestyle and cooking preferences.

Kelly’s Top GE Profile Range and Oven Picks

30” Freestanding Double Oven Range Gas Range

30” Slide In Induction Range

30” Single Wall Oven

30” Combination Wall Oven

Cafe: Bring Your Personality

Cafe appliances blend durability and customization with modern design to bring you an appliance that is both eye-catching and functional. With a wide range of appliances from fridges to coffee makers, Cafe will provide you with an appliance that will serve you for years to come. While still equipped with smart features, like GE Profile, the beauty of Cafe lies in its customization in handles and overall appliance color. Appliances come in Stainless Steel, White, Black, and Platinum Glass.

Cafe Cuisine

Cafe offers an elegant selection of cooking options with ranges, microwaves, and wall ovens. Their ranges come with a variety of fuel types including induction, radiant, and gas. They also have a great selection of wall ovens equipped with convection heating, ensuring that you have reliable and consistent results when you are baking.

Kelly’s Top Cafe Cooking Picks

30” Slide In Radiant Range

30” Double Oven Radiant Range

30” French Door Wall Oven

Cafe Dishwashers with Ultra Dry

GE's Cafe dishwashers are engineered to deliver professional-grade cleaning performance right in your own home. With advanced wash systems and powerful jets, these dishwashers ensure that even the toughest stains and food residues are thoroughly removed from your dishes, leaving them sparkling clean after every cycle. Cafe offers traditional single door dishwashers along with double dish drawers.

Cafe Double Dish Drawer

Cafe Dishwasher with Ultra Dry

Cafe Platinum Glass Dishwasher

Cafe TwinChill™ Refrigeration

Cafe refrigerators are equipped with advanced cooling technology to keep your food fresher for longer. Features such as TwinChill™ evaporators provide separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections, ensuring optimal temperature and humidity levels to preserve the freshness of your groceries. With adjustable shelves, drawers, and door bins, Cafe refrigerators offer customizable storage solutions to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes.

36” 4 Door French Door Refrigerator

22.1 Cu Ft. French Door Fridge with K-Kup® Brewing

28.7 Cu Ft. Platinum Glass French Door Fridge with AutoFill

Enhance Your Home Today

Both GE Profile and Cafe are guaranteed to enhance your home and make life a bit easier. You cannot go wrong with either choice and it all comes down to preference–both are built to last and designed with you in mind. GE Profile is flush with smart technology and Cafe is elevated by customizable aesthetics. Whatever you pick, Kelly’s Appliances has your back. We have Kelly’s stores located in the state of Oregon, so please come by a store near you and see our displays of these amazing appliances.

GE Luxury Appliance FAQ

What sort of warranty does GE Profile and Cafe offer?

They come with a factory warranty of 12-months that covers all parts and labor to cover any potential factory defects that might arise during that period.

Where are GE Profile and Cafe made?

GE manufactures appliances in both lines in the US and abroad.

Are these brands any good?

Both GE Profile and Cafe are quality built and offer a luxury appliances experience at a more affordable price point.

ge profile
ge cafe

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