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Guide to Appliance Replacement


When tackling a project, especially an expensive one, it can be a bit daunting. Today, we’re going to look at some tips and tricks you should keep in mind when shopping for your next home appliances. Our goal here is to abstract some of the stress involved in the process and give you a good roadmap you can use to guide your shopping experience.

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How long will it take to get my appliance delivered?

After a couple of years dealing with a global supply chain crisis, things in the world of appliances have improved dramatically. Brands like Bosch and Miele, that were once tough to get ahold of, have started to see an uptick in available stock, and if we don’t have something on hand, we can likely get it in a matter of weeks, not months.

Give Yourself Time

Whether you are replacing a dying appliance or upgrading, we encourage you to get ahold of us sooner rather than later, even if you are not at that point yet where you’d like to buy. Come see us in the store, give us a call or text, or shoot us an email. There’s no pressure to buy, we have just found that it’s always better to get ahead of a project or replacement, so you have the most amount of time possible to shop, learn, and compare options.

Financing a Replacement

Kelly’s offers 12-months of interest free financing on approved credit. This can be a great way to jumpstart your project if capital is a bit tight. It’s just one of the many ways we try and provide value to you while you are on your journey.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit

We go into greater detail on this subject here, but in short we recommend measuring your existing appliance(s) and comparing them with the manufacturer’s spec sheets. We list spec sheets on our website, but if you need help navigating these specs along with getting a gut check, please reach out. If you plan on coming by the store, it helps to have photos of your existing appliance to bring along with you.

What to Pick?

On our blog we have several buying guides, so we thought we’d throw a few of our favorites below to get the ball rolling. In these articles, we go over pros and cons and just call out some cool stuff we love. Enjoy!

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Now that you are armed with some insider tips and tricks, we’re confident that you’ll be on a great path to success when purchasing your next appliance. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have about your purchase. We are here to help, and we want to make sure you love what you purchase and that it’s a worthwhile investment.

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