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Holiday Treats to Make with Your Frigidaire Gallery Oven


Having a nice oven really does make or break your holiday cooking experience. A poorly functioning oven might burn your treats, or force you to cook them much longer than typical.

If your oven is old or outdated, you might notice your cookies are burnt on the outside and gooey on the inside, your cake doesn’t rise as it should, or your brownies cook for double the time and still don’t pass the toothpick test.

christmas cookies

Signs Your Oven May Be Falling Apart

If you have had your oven for over 15 years, then you can safely say it is time to purchase a new oven. Here are some signs that your oven may be falling apart:

• Old recipes that you have tried before are not coming out correctly

• The oven feels cold or not warm enough

• Making weird/new noises

• The light isn’t turning on

• Extensive rusting within the unit

• Scorching hot on the outside surface

So, if you are really interested in creating the best treats you possibly can, then it is important to purchase a new oven. A new oven can make a world of difference for not only your treats but for all of your Holiday cooking.

Frigidaire Gallery Oven

Our Frigidaire Gallery Oven is exactly what you are looking for to create your tasty treats.

Best Attributes of the Frigidaire Gallery Oven

Air Fryer: The Frigidaire Gallery is the first oven to ever have an air fryer built into the unit. So, if you are looking to make wonderful-tasting treats without being deep-fried then the Frigidaire Gallery is the perfect oven for you.

Faster: More even multi-rack baking with True Convection and 3rd heating element and fan

Quicker Preheat: Allows you to start baking in just a few minutes (based on single rack cooking performance)

Temperature Probe: There is a built-in temperate probe that can check the temperature of the food while it is still in the oven, great for proteins.

Total Convection: Total Convection gives you maximum versatility in the kitchen, powering cooking modes like Air Fry, No Preheat, Slow Cook, Convection Bake, Steam Bake, Convection Roast, Steam Roast, Air Sous Vide, Bread Proof, Dehydrate, and more!

Easy Clean: 30-minute Steam Clean element

Don’t Let Your Oven Ruin Your Holidays

It is important to quickly purchase a new oven before the Holidays! We would hate for you to miss out on amazing treats just because of your crummy oven. If you want to have an oven that is reliable, functional, and has a lot more features than your outdated oven, the Frigidaire Gallery is exactly what you are looking for.

Kelly’s Appliance

At Kelly’s Appliance, we have a wide range of appliances, including the Frigidaire Gallery ovens. If you decide that the Frigidaire isn’t the right oven for you, one of our highly-trained team members can help you learn more about our other oven options.

Tips Before Coming into Kelly’s Appliance

Before you come into our appliance store it might be good if you knew a few things that you are seeking:

1. Measure your Appliance: We have had a lot of people come in without measuring their appliances. If you don’t measure your appliance we are unable to know what size we need to order to fit your needs.

2. Gas or Electric?: It is important to know whether or not your oven is gas or electric. There is a difference in the type of oven you are able to get based on whether it is a gas or an electric appliance.

3. Important Features: Some features may be really important to you, while others just don’t matter. You might really care about what it looks like, but don’t care about the specific features. You might not care what it looks like, but you want it to have all of the bells and whistles. One of the members of our sales team can help you out with this but it might be nice to have an idea.

4. Design: It is important to know what type of design you are looking for. Are you looking for a specific type of handle or a certain color? We will want to know if you have a design in mind so we can try our best to find what you are looking for.

Reach out to Kelly’s Appliance to Learn More

If you are interested in the Frigidaire Gallery oven, or another oven, please contact us to check for availability.

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