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How Does the Dacor 5-10-20 Work?


Combining luxury and great savings, Dacor has an amazing offering that is available until December 31, 2022. This tiered promotional plan will grant you more savings the more you spend. Dacor offers this promotion in the form of a money back rebates that you apply for online after the receipt of the items.

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Here are the three tiers being offered:

• Spend $5,000+ and get 5% off

• Spend $10,000+ and get 10% off

• Spend $20,000+ and get 20% off

Our Dacor 5-10-20 Promotions

Now you may be wondering, “what sort of package should I build to take advantage of these savings?” Below, we are going to lay out three kitchen package ideas to help get the ball rolling and hopefully inspire you. Each of our three packages will fall into the 5%, 10%, and 20% tiers.

$5,000+ = 5% Off

To start, we’ll take a look at a simple three-piece package, hood, cooktop, and dishwasher. The hood and dishwasher come in either stainless steel or Dacor’s graphite stainless steel. We chose to highlight graphite in our selection below because it’s such a cool and unique color:

DHD30U990CM – Hood

DTI30P876BB – Electric Cooktop

DDW24M999UM – Dishwasher

$10,000+ = 10% Off

Next, let’s have a look at a slightly more beefed-up kitchen package. This time, we’ll have a 36” gas range as our cooking appliance, and we will show off Dacor’s Silver Stainless in our selection:

DHD36U990WS – Hood

DOP36P86GLS – Gas Range

DDW24M999US – Dishwasher

$20,000+ = 20% Off

Finally, let’s have a look at a true kitchen suit. We’ll pull one of Dacor’s steam-cooking ranges (which we wrote about here), a pair of refrigerator columns, and we will also throw on a hood and dishwasher to complete the ensemble.

The dishwasher we chose to highlight here is panel ready. Both the fridge and freezer columns show are panel ready, but if you want to order Dacor panels to match their Silver or Graphite Stainless Steel that is an option:

DHD36M700WS – Hood

DOP36M86DLS – Gas Range

DDW24T999BB – Panel Ready Dishwasher

DRR30980LAP – Panel Ready Column Fridge

DRZ18980RAP – Panel Ready Column Freezer

Contact Kelly’s Appliance

However you decide to build your kitchen package, and regardless of the tier, we are here to help. Dacor has so many options out there and we know you can find something in their lineup of luxury appliances to take your cuisine experience to a whole other level. Please contact us with questions—we’re happy to assist.

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