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Innovative Features of KitchenAid Appliances for Home Chefs


KitchenAid is no stranger to innovation, and they have been in the business of simplifying the home chef experience since 1919. This journey began with the launch of their very first stand mixer. It was described by an executive’s wife as “the best kitchen aid,” and the rest is history.

Since that time, the KitchenAid product line has expanded to include a whole suite of home appliances that are sure to be your favorite kitchen aid. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the latest innovations KitchenAid has to offer.

hero kitchenaid mixer

High End Esthetic Meets Affordability

KitchenAid offers a wide selection of beautiful appliances that offer a high-end esthetic–while still remaining affordable. This benefits a home chef who wants their appliances to not only perform well, offer a strong visual appeal, and make for a great conversation piece when entertaining. From the iconic red medallion on the handles to the platinum interior designs of the fridges–creating a veritable showcase for your food–KitchenAid is sure to make a statement.

two glasses and cup

Platinum Interior Design Fridges

36” Full Depth French Door Fridge: KRFF577

36” Multi-Door Fridge: KRMF706

36” Counter-Depth French Door Fridge: KRFC704

Freeflex™ Third Rack

The Freeflex™ is KitchenAid’s response to busy families and individuals that need more room in their dishwashers and who wish to minimize the amount of loads they have to do. This innovative third rack offers the following benefits:

• Angled to fit 6” glasses

• Capable of holding mugs and prep bowls

• Equipped with rotating wash jets for dedicated cleaning

The Freeflex™ rack’s height can also be adjusted slightly to allow for even more control over how you load your dishes and is more adaptable than other, more standard third rack systems.

dishwasher rack

Freeflex™ Models

44 dBA Bar Handle Dishwasher: KDTM804K

44 dBA Pocket Handle Dishwasher: KDPM704K

44dBA Front Control Dishwasher: KDFM404K

True Convection: Even-Heat™

Compared to regular convection, true convection offers a third heating element that brings additional heat to the oven cavity. This third element works in tandem with the ovens convection fan to not only help provide the even airflow that convection is known for but also help to speed up the cooking process thanks to the added heat. The name of this feature will vary from brand to brand, but KitchenAid calls it Even-Heat™. This type of convection is very common in Europe and is on the rise here in the US. Regular convection offers great results and more even cooking, but true convection features, like Even-Heat™, serve to go one step further by making your culinary experience top notch.

pan and pots

Even-Heat™ Models

30” Double Wall Oven: KODE500E

30" Single Wall Oven: KOSE500E

30" Combination Wall Oven: KOCE500E


It’s easy to see why KitchenAid has remained a leader in kitchen appliances over the years. They bring style and functionality to the home in an affordable package. KitchenAid appliances are sure to make life easier for the home chef and provide an elegant yet powerful culinary experience. From cooking to cleaning to preservation, KitchenAid has your back.


What sort of warranty does KitchenAid offer?

KitchenAid offers a full 12-month parts and labor warranty to protect against factory defects.

Is KitchenAid reliable?

KitchenAid has had a proven track record of reliability and quality for over a century.

Where is KitchenAid made?

With a wide range of products, KitchenAid manufacturers both in the US and abroad.

Where can I find KitchenAid products?

KitchenAid can be purchased from any Kelly’s location and through our online store.

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