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Laundry: Any Way You Want It


Since the first automatic washing machine was sold to the public in 1937 companies have been competing for your loyalty by researching and releasing innovative technology designed to set their products apart and give consumers more freedom and efficiency in how they do their laundry.

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Removable Agitator in Whirlpool

The competition continues today with Whirlpool taking a leap ahead by introducing the “Industry-First 2 in 1 Removable Agitator” washing machine. With this new customization option, you can choose between the high capacity of an impeller and advanced scrubbing action of an agitator.

This amazing new machine is available in both premium and mid-range models at a price point to match your budget.

Mid-range (WTW5057L) Features

• Fluctuating capacity from 4.7 cu ft with the agitator and 4.8 without, giving you plenty of room to wash bulky items without worry.

• While both models feature the removable agitator and increased capacity

Premium (WTW8127LW) Features

• 5.2-5.3cu ft model

• Smart Wi-Fi capabilities

• Load and Go detergent dispenser

• Dual temperature pretreat faucet

Dual-Temperature Pretreat

That’s right, you can access hot and cold running water inside your machine working as an independent utility sink for your clothing.

The dual temp pretreat station comes with a fabric brush and the ability to add detergent to the water so you can spot treat any stains before they set in. The built-in pre-soak feature will allow you to tackle tough stains ensuring your clothes look great every time.

Load & Go

Never forget another load of laundry or run out of detergent with notifications from the Whirlpool app. The load and go feature allows you to fill your machine with twenty loads worth of detergent and it then automatically dispenses the proper amount for any size load, prolonging the life of your machine and giving your clothes the care they need without extra steps.

WiFi & App

This Wi-Fi capable machine will connect with a free app on your phone to keep you connected to your clothes anywhere. This app will even connect to your matching Whirlpool dryer to ensure your instructions are followed.

Machine and app notifications will let you know when your machine is running low on detergent and with a new auto-restock feature coming soon, your machine will also be able to automatically reorder your favorite brand of detergent from amazon's dash replenishment service.


Of course, a machine this great is bound to come with a couple downsides. After scouring thousands of reviews on the internet across multiple websites, the most common complaints have been:

• People find there is a bit of a learning curve with new technology like this

• The smaller agitator blades may not be as aggressive as the traditional agitator washers

• The machine can be loud during the wash and spin cycles.


Despite these minor inconveniences, across the board reviewers gave this innovative machine 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you want the most versatile smart technology laundry system at a price that won't break your budget the Whirlpool 2 in 1 machines are for you.

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