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Most Reliable Dishwashers of 2022


It is so disappointing when you purchase a dishwasher and then it continues to break because it's not reliable. It might be tempting to go into an appliance store and purchase the cheapest model because you want to save a few bucks. However, that might come back to bite you. kitchen

Reliability is one of the top factors in choosing a dishwasher. A dishwasher is great if it has high performance, it isn’t so great if it only performs well for a year and then breaks.

Reliable Dishwashers That Get the Job Done

We have decided to share with you the most reliable dishwashers of 2022 to make your decision easier.


GE has been one of the most popular brand names in every category of appliance that they sell. They are a highly esteemed company because all of their products have exceptional performance, a variety of price ranges, and are dependable.

The GE dishwashers have many unique features that set them apart from other brands. Of course, different features are available depending on the model of the dishwasher. GE offers dishwashers from $400 all the way to $1000.

A variety of unique features include:

Sanitize Cycle: According to the GE website, “Sanitize cycles on washing machines, dryers and dishwashers add another layer of germ protection by reducing 99% of bacteria commonly found on dishes and home laundry. 85% of GE Appliances’ dishwashers and 60% of washers and dryers have sanitize cycles, yet many consumers aren’t aware that their appliances have these cycles.”

Dry Boost: Dry boost is an innovative technology that focuses on hard-to-reach spots and gets them dry. No more taking your dishes out where certain spots are wet.

Fan Assist: The fan-assist works hand-in-hand with the dry boost to ensure that all of your dishes are very dry by the end of the cycle.


Thermador isn’t typically the first brand that comes to mind when you think of dishwashers. It isn’t as well-known as GE or other brands. One possible explanation for the lack of knowledge of this brand comes down to the price.

Our Thermador dishwashers cost almost double (or more) than some of our other dishwasher brands. The starting price for a Thermador dishwasher is around $1,000 - so it is definitely a luxury brand.

With the luxury price tag comes a luxury machine. The Thermador dishwashers are not only aesthetically amazing, but they have excellent reliability. You can certainly count on Thermador to get the job done well!

Some of the unique features of the Thermador dishwasher include:

Home connect features: You can connect your cell phone to your dishwasher.

3rd Rack: Thermador offers the third rack to have extra places for the dishes. You can get more dishes done in fewer loads.

6 program settings: There are 6 different program settings to customize your dish cycle to ensure that your dishes are getting the personalization that they need.

Power Boost: The Power Boost uses extra power elements to ensure that the dishes are getting the most powerful clean.


Another reliable brand of dishwasher is the Whirlpool dishwasher. Whirlpool is definitely a common brand that is found in many homes.

Some of the unique features of the Whirlpool dishwasher include:

One-hour wash: With the one-hour wash you can get a full load of dishes done in only one hour!

Fingerprint Resistant: You will no longer have a whole bunch of fingerprints on the outside of the dishwasher. With the fingerprint-resistant dishwasher, you can keep a clean look at all times.

Sensor Cycle: The sensor cycle will check your dishes and give you a good estimate on when the load will be done.

3rd Rack: The 3rd rack in the Whirlpool dishwasher can help make sure you get more dishes clean at once. You can add more dishes in the dishwasher than a traditional two rack dishwasher.


If you are looking for a solid and reliable dishwasher brand, then you cannot go wrong with the Miele. When people think of Miele they might immediately think about the vacuum. Yes, Miele is a vacuum brand, but it is also an appliance brand!

The Miele is one of the most reliable and high-performing dishwashers on the market. It is a great brand, but it isn’t as budget friendly as some of the other brands like Whirlpool or GE.

The Miele dishwashers start off at about $1000 and can reach all the way up to $2,500. Some of the dishwashers can even range higher for commercial uses. The price tag of the Miele is certainly something to consider when choosing a dishwasher.

Some of the unique features of the Miele include:

Automatic Dispensing: When you put the detergent into the machine, the dishwasher will handle the dispensing - it will automatically fill the dishwasher with the appropriate amount of cleaner.

AutoOpen Drying: After the dishwasher has completely dried the entire load, the dishwasher will open.

Multi-Flex Tray: The multi-flex rack allows you to move around the racks as you wish to ensure that a variety of dishes can fit into the dishwasher.

Where to Find a Reliable Dishwasher?

You can find one of these reliable dishwashers at any of your local appliance stores. If you are located in Eugene, Corvallis, or Salem, Oregon you can head into your local Kelly’s Appliance. One of our talented sales staff can help you find the perfect appliance for your needs.


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