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Never Question Your Clean


It doesn't take more than a quick look around the modern home to find one of a number of appliances that help us live lives of cleanliness without the added hassles of ages past. But as convenient as appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and even garbage disposals are, they can still need cleaning in their own right.

Garbage disposals save us from trash cans full of food, which can attract bugs and unwelcome smells. But after enough time, they can eventually begin to attract that which they typically drive away. Furthermore, in some dishwashers, the hose for expelling water from the machine is hooked up to the sink, near the garbage disposal. This can sometimes cause gunk from the garbage disposal to come back with the water that didn't get fully pumped out of the dishwasher. Yuck!

close up of running water and a garbage disposal

Luckily, there are ways to combat these issues. One such way is using Affresh Tablets, which come in specific designs for a number of household appliances. The garbage disposal tablets, for example, are designed to create a foaming, scrubbing action to get rid of the residues that can cause foul odors. (Side note: if your garbage disposal hasn't been cleaned in a long time, dumping a bag of ice and some water down the running disposal can do a rough overall clean very quickly and easily).

Affresh Tablets also come designed for dishwashers specifically. Running a cycle with one of these tablets will remove limescale and mineral buildup from the inside of your dishwasher, lengthening the life of your machine. As an added benefit, they will also leave your dishwasher smelling nice and clean.

And let's not forget about clothing! Washing machines have done a wonderful job of relieving us from a great deal of cleaning and scrubbing, but that doesn't mean they don't need a little TLC themselves from time to time. Front loader machines especially can be susceptible to mold growth, and Affresh tablets are specially designed to fight off the mold growth. This is mold that, if left long enough, can eventually start to affect the smell of “clean” clothes, and nobody wants that. Pop in an Affresh tablet every now and again, and you should be good to go.

So, if one of your appliances could use a little pick me up, consider coming in to your local Kelly's to pick up some Affresh Tablets. Your appliances, and perhaps even your nose, will be glad you did.

young woman doing dishes
dad and son in front of an open dishwasher

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