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All About the New Monogram Induction Cooktop


Monogram came out with an amazing induction cooktop and it is certainly worthy of checking out. An induction cooktop uses electromagnetism to heat up cookware. The cookware then becomes its own source of heat.

New Monogram Induction ZHU36RDTBB

Induction cooktops are way more energy efficient than cooktops that are not induction cooktops. Unlike gas, it is also better for indoor air quality.

All About Monogram

Monogram is a high-quality brand that makes a variety of appliances. They pride themselves on their three pillars - materials, performance, and ownership. Each of their pillars holds them to a high standard and ensures that they are continually making products that people want to buy.


Monogram says, “our designs incorporate leading-edge materials used by high-end automotive aeronautics companies to ensure our appliances bring lasting beauty and quality to your luxury kitchen.” All glass stove tops are built with unscratchable sapphire glass.


Monogram says “every appliance provides the same experience in your kitchen as it does with our chefs. Through rigorous testing, we learn the limits of our products and design them to last well beyond. Chefs in our design centers educated and inform consumers and salespeople through demonstrations on our actual products.”


Monogram shares that they make “appliance ownership an enjoyable experience. For those times when you need service, we deploy certified technicians to ensure your appliance receives first-class maintenance. In fact, every service project is overseen by a Monogram Service Agent.”

Monogram Electric Induction Cooktop Features

The Monogram Electric Induction Cooktop offers many features including:

Precision Temperature Control: You can set your burner to an exact degree. You no longer have to choose from broad terms like high, medium, and low.

Glide Touch Controls: With the Monogram Electric Induction Cooktop you can choose between 19 different heat settings with one easy swipe.

5 Induction Cooking Elements: Electromagnetic technology heats the pan, not the cooktop surface, allowing the cooktop to stay cool. The 5 burner services will heat up your pan quickly.

Guided Cooking: Follow along a video-guided recipe and your burners will automatically adjust time and temperature using a smart pan (Pan sold separately).

Synchronized Elements: Connect and control two cooktop burners as one to create a bigger cooking surface for pans such as griddles.

Where to Find Your Monogram Induction Cooktop

If you are looking to find Monogram products then come on into Kelly’s Appliance. We are located in Central Point, Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene. We would love to speak to you about all of our appliances and answer any questions you may have about the Monogram Induction Cooktop or other available appliances.

New Monogram Induction ZHU36RDTBB

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