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Our Smeg Small Appliances in our Kitchen Store


Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the country. Smeg proudly states that they wanted to mix technology and style. They have incorporated their appliance technology into both major and small appliances.


Many of Smeg’s appliances have many 50’s retro inspired styles but are exceptionally made to ensure performance and reliability.

What Makes SMEG Unique?

The most unique thing about Smeg is the retro inspired look. All of the appliances from their refrigerators all the way down to their hand blenders have the same type of look. If you purchase your Smeg appliances, you can get them all the same color to match your kitchen theme.

Smeg has 6 aesthetic appliance lines to choose from to make sure that you are getting the exact style that you would like in your kitchen.

The aesthetic lines include:

• Portofino

• Piano Design

• Linea

• Classic

• Retro

• Victoria

Are the Smeg Small Appliances Worth the Extra Cost?

Smeg appliances are really amazing because they offer amazingly reliable small appliances. There are many reasons that the Smeg appliances would be worth the extra cost.

The reasons include:

• You want multiple small appliances that all match.

• You want to pick a unique color

• Reliable brand

• Unique 50’s style

Types of SMEG Small Appliances

Smeg announces on their website, “Smeg reputation for making high-quality design products has been growing worldwide, with our major and small domestic appliances having won several prominent design awards. Smeg toasters have won several international prizes.”


Smeg offers three styles of toasters. There is a 2-toast toaster, 4-toast toaster that is long, and a 4-toast toaster that is square.

Coffee Makers

Smeg offers a couple of styles of coffee makers on their line. They offer a manual espresso coffee machine, drip filter coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines, as well as a bean to cup coffee machine.


Smeg shares a statement about their blenders:

Smeg shares on their website, “Painstakingly designed down to the smallest detail to offer a large, versatile and efficient appliance, this blender comes with 3 default functions: ice crusher for crushing ice, smoothie for thick and creamy shakes and pulse to speed up as necessary at the touch of a key.”


Smeg offers stand mixers as well as full-color stand mixers. The full-color stand mixers are the same as the traditional stand mixers, except they have an extra coat of paint that exposes any metal.

Where to Find SMEG Appliances

If you are looking for the beautiful and unique Smeg appliances you can head on into your local Kelly’s Appliance. We are Smeg dealers who can get you hooked up with any of the Smeg branded appliances in our kitchen store.


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