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Speed Queen 7 Series


Speed Queen products have always been known for reliability and durability, but the new 7-series top load washer and dryer take everything customers know about and expect from a washer and dryer up a few notches.

The TR7 provides the perfect wash for each load because it allows you to tailor wash cycles for the ultimate fabric care. Options include special cycles – tailored to get results – a delayed start, favorite and most-used cycles at your fingertips, and a speed cycle, for performance in a flash.

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Its state-of-the-art agitation also works much more gently than any other machine you’ll see. Its innovative system links the agitator and tub to provide a gentle but highly effective wash action that essentially moves the water through the clothes – meaning cleaning is happening throughout the basket, not just around the agitator. Because of its size, you’ll also even be able to wash larger loads with ease AND it stays in balance due to the combination of the machine’s commercial components and technology others can’t match.

And for those who have grown used to working from home, the TR7 is a great match as far as noise levels go. These machines will stay comfortably in the background, measuring in at only 43dB during agitation.

The DR7 dryer is a top-of-the-line dryer for anyone who likes clean clothes. This machine includes special pet cycles, focusing on pet hair removal, which will ensure everyone’s items (even your furry friends) get the best care possible.

On top of the first-ever PetPlus cycles, the DR7 has a steam refresh and steam boost, which work to get you out the door looking and smelling great, eliminating wrinkles and static. The other handy steam feature on the DR7 is the steam-sanitize function, which works to kill bacteria before it can be harmful to anyone in your household.

The DR7s reversible door is another example of Speed Queen machines working for you, rather than you having to work to use your machine, allowing you to choose whether your door opens to the left or the right. The DR7 also offers Over-dry Protection Technology, which prevents your items from over drying and wearing them out faster.

So if you're in the market for some new laundry machines, the Speed Queen TR7 and DR7 washer and dryer will certainly suit your needs. To find out more, there's no better place to look than your local Kelly's.

speed queen laundry
speed queen laundry

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