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Speed Queen Front Load Laundry


Speed Queen has earned a strong reputation in the realm of residential appliances.

They have earned this reputation by providing consumers with commercial strength in a unit that fits in the home and offers powerful washing capabilities, excellent warranty coverage, and peace of mind. Their standard lineup of laundry pairs focuses on top-loading washers, but today we are going to see how they apply the same great quality to their front-loading set.

speed queen laundry

Speed Queen FF7

Available in either left or right-hinge models, Speed Queen’s FF7 washing machine boasts an impressive list of features. Here are some we felt were worth pointing out:

  • 5-Year All Parts & In-Home Labor Warranty
  • Sanitize with Oxi Cycle
  • Fabric Care Control
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Fast Cycle Times

Dryer Unit DF7

Now for the dryer. The complementing unit to the FF7 is the DF7. This unit offers the same 5-Year manufacturer warranty as the washer, it also has a field reversible door to mirror your washing machine, extended tumble dry feature, and Over-Dry Protection which helps to prevent damage to delicate items should they be over-dried and exposed to too much heat.

While these units do not carry the ENERGY STAR badge of approval, the FF7 washing machine does offer more energy efficiency by nature of the fact that it is a front-loading washing machine. Front-loading units tend to use less water than those that a top-loading and thanks to the tumbling motion of the front-load team, garments inside tend to drain better.

With clothes coming out less wet we further the efficiency of the process as your dryer does not have to work as hard. Another unique benefit to the Speed Queen front-loading units is their stainless steel inner and outer drums. Since most washing machines use a combination of steel and plastic (or just straight plastic) they tend to develop a bad odor over time as soap and grime build up on the plastic’s porous surface. Thanks to the steel interior, there is nothing for the smelly bacteria to cling to and they get washed out.

Purchasing the FF7 & DF7

We encourage you to check out both the FF7 and DF7 on our website via the links below. From there, you can gain further insight, get pricing, and even reach out to us with any questions.

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