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Top 5 Anticipated Appliance Brands of 2024


As we step into mid-2024, the world of home appliances is abuzz with anticipation. Consumers are eyeing brands that promise innovation, reliability, and a seamless blend of technology and design. Here are the top reliable appliance brands of 2024, each poised to redefine the industry this year.

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1. Bosch

Bosch has consistently ranked among the most reliable appliance brands. Known for their German engineering and meticulous attention to detail, Bosch appliances are built to last. Bosch’s advanced technology and reliability earn them a top spot on our list.



Bosch refrigerators are designed to keep your food fresher for longer with innovative features like the VitaFreshPro system, which automatically balances temperature and humidity. Bosch’s MultiAirFlow technology cools throughout the refrigerator, preventing warm spots and helping your food stay fresh.


Bosch dishwashers are known for their quiet operation and cleaning power. Their PrecisionWash system uses intelligent sensors to scan and detect the degree of soiling on dishes. With flexible loading options like the RackMatic system, which allows for easy adjustment of the top rack, and the MyWay rack providing additional space for large items, Bosch dishwashers offer unmatched convenience.


Bosch cooktops are designed to provide precise control and superior cooking. Their Benchmark gas cooktops feature high-efficiency burners with precise flame control, while the induction cooktops offer fast heating and easy cleanup. With touch controls and sleek designs, Bosch cooktops enhance the cooking experience and can add a modern touch to your kitchen.


Bosch ranges combine the versatility of a cooktop with the power of an oven in one unit. Available in both gas and dual-fuel options, Bosch ranges feature convection technology for even baking and roasting for perfect results every time. The FlexInduction technology on select models allows for multiple cooking zones, giving you the flexibility to cook various dishes simultaneously.

Wall Ovens

Bosch wall ovens are built for precision and convenience. The Bosch Speed Oven combines convection cooking, broiling, and microwave capabilities in one appliance for versatile cooking options. The Home Connect feature lets you control and monitor your oven remotely using your smartphone, making cooking more convenient than ever.

Washers and Dryers

Bosch washers and dryers are designed for efficiency and reliability. The EcoSilence motor ensures quiet operation, while their SpeedPerfect feature reduces washing time without compromising performance. With large capacities and customizable settings, Bosch washers and dryers are a perfect addition to your family’s laundry room.

2. Thermador

Thermador is known for its luxury kitchen appliances that offer style and substance. With their durable build and innovative features, Thermador's ranges, ovens, and refrigerators are designed to meet the needs of serious home chefs and foodies. Their commitment to durability and precision engineering makes Thermador appliances high-performing and reliable long term.



Thermador refrigerators are engineered for food preservation with innovative features like the ThermaFresh System, which offers advanced temperature and humidity control. With customizable configurations, including column refrigerator and bottom-freezer refrigerator models, Thermador refrigerators with stainless steel interiors and exteriors blend into any kitchen design.


Thermador dishwashers are designed to deliver amazing cleaning performance. They feature features like the Star-Sapphire wash system, which offers the fastest hot water cycle in the industry. Sapphire Glow lighting illuminates the interior, making loading and unloading dishes easy. They also offer flexible racking systems and WiFi-enabled Home Connect functionality.


Thermador cooktops are crafted to meet the demands of professional cooking at home. The Pedestal Star Burners on their gas cooktops offer even heat distribution and a unique design that increases the burner area by 56%. Thermador induction cooktops provide rapid heating and precise temperature control.


Thermador ranges combine the power of professional-grade cooking with stylish design. The Pro Grand and Pro Harmony ranges have powerful burners, large oven capacities, and dual-fuel options. These ranges have innovations like the ExtraLow Simmer feature for precise temperature control and convection technology for even baking and roasting. Thermador ranges are a perfect choice for those wanting versatility and high-grade performance.

Wall Ovens

Thermador wall ovens are known for their precision and advanced cooking capabilities. The Masterpiece and Professional series feature True Convection and multiple cooking modes, so you get perfect results every time. Home Connect lets you control your oven remotely, making meal prep more convenient.

3. Whirlpool

Whirlpool has been a household name for decades, and for good reason. Their appliances are known for their reliability, making them a popular choice for homeowners.



Whirlpool ranges are designed to make cooking and baking easier and more efficient. With advanced technology like True Convection for even cooking and Frozen Bake Technology that allows you to skip preheating, Whirlpool ranges guarantee delicious results every time. Available in gas, electric, and dual-fuel models, these ranges offer reliable performance for new and professional cooks alike.


Whirlpool cooktops offer precise temperature control and powerful heating options to suit all your cooking needs. This top brand offers features such as FlexHeat Dual Radiant Elements and SpeedHeat Burners, making meal preparation quick and easy.


Whirlpool ovens are built for convenience and efficiency. The Scan-to-Cook Technology allows you to scan a barcode on your food package with a smartphone, sending the recommended cooking settings directly to your oven. With features like Multi-Step Cooking and True Convection, Whirlpool ovens offer precise and consistent results. Ovens are available in single and double configurations.


Whirlpool refrigerators offer innovative storage solutions and advanced cooling technology to keep your food fresh. Features like the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System and FreshFlow Produce Preserver help maintain good storage conditions. With various configurations including Whirlpool French door refrigerators and Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator models, these appliances provide the flexibility and reliability that modern households always need.

FreshFlow Produce Preserver help maintain good storage conditions. With various configurations including Whirlpool French door refrigerators and Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator models, these appliances provide the flexibility and reliability that modern households always need.


Whirlpool dishwashers are designed to handle the toughest cleaning challenges. With features like the Sensor Cycle, which adjusts the wash and dry settings based on soil level, and the TotalCoverage Spray Arm for heavy cleaning, Whirlpool dishwashers ensure spotless results. The adjustable racks and third-level rack provide ample space for all your dishes.


Whirlpool washers and dryers are built to deliver exceptional cleaning performance and efficiency. The Load & Go Dispenser allows you to skip adding detergent for up to 20 loads, while the Adaptive Wash Technology adjusts the water levels and wash actions based on the size and type of load. Whirlpool dryers feature advanced moisture sensing to prevent over-drying and ensure your clothes come out perfectly every time.

4. KitchenAid

KitchenAid is known for its quality and reliability. With a focus on sleek design and advanced features, KitchenAid seamlessly blends style and functionality. Home chefs and culinary enthusiasts rely on KitchenAid appliances for their durability and consistent performance.



KitchenAid refrigerators are designed to keep your food fresh with advanced cooling technology and customizable storage options. The Preserva Food Care System provides independent cooling for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, keeping optimal temperatures.


KitchenAid dishwashers are engineered for powerful cleaning and quiet operation. The ProWash Cycle automatically adjusts the settings based on soil level to ensure great cleaning. With features like the Third Level Rack for extra loading space and the Advanced Clean Water Wash System that continuously filters water, KitchenAid dishwashers deliver spotless results and efficiency.


KitchenAid ovens offer precision and versatility for all your cooking needs. The Even-Heat True Convection system ensures consistent baking and roasting results, while the EasyConvect Conversion System takes the guesswork out of converting recipes for convection cooking. Available in single, double, and combination configurations, KitchenAid ovens provide plenty of space and advanced features like self-cleaning modes and touch controls to enhance your cooking experience.


KitchenAid ranges combine powerful cooking performance with elegant design. The Dual Fuel and Commercial-Style range has high-BTU burners and Even-Heat True Convection for superior cooking results. With options like steam-assist technology for baking and a baking drawer for additional cooking space, KitchenAid ranges are designed to meet the needs of serious home chefs.

5. Speed Queen

Speed Queen is known for its commercial-grade laundry equipment, and their home appliances are no exception. Known for their exceptional durability and reliability, Speed Queen washers and dryers are built to withstand heavy use.

speed queen

Front Load Washer

Speed Queen front-load washers are designed for efficiency and durability. Advanced technologies like dynamic balancing to reduce vibration and noise provide a smooth and quiet laundry experience. The robust stainless steel drum and commercial-grade components offer long-lasting performance.

Top Load Washer

Speed Queen top-load washers combine traditional design with modern efficiency. Known for their powerful agitators and durable construction, these washers offer deep cleaning and gentle fabric care. With simple, intuitive controls and heavy-duty materials, Speed Queen top-load washers offer outstanding performance and longevity.

Electric Dryer

Speed Queen electric dryers are engineered to deliver fast, efficient drying with minimal wear and tear on fabrics. Featuring multiple dry cycles and moisture sensors, these dryers ensure clothes come out perfectly dry every time. The durability and large capacity make Speed Queen electric dryers a dependable choice for easily handling large laundry loads.

Gas Dryer

Speed Queen gas dryers offer powerful and efficient drying performance. With features like automatic moisture sensing and a heavy-duty blower system, these dryers provide consistent and even drying results.

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Whether you're drawn to Whirlpool’s legacy, Bosch’s precision, KitchenAid's culinary prowess, Thermador's luxury, or Speed Queen's durability, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of remarkable advancements in the world of home appliances.

At Kelly's Appliances, we share the excitement of the best home appliances of 2024. Feel free to contact us and stay updated with us through our blog. We have all of these great brands (and more) on display in our stores, so visit us at any of our Oregon-based appliance store locations in Eugene, Salem, Corvallis, and Medford.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is reliability important when choosing home appliances?

Reliability is crucial because it ensures that your appliances will perform well over time. This reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and the need for costly repairs or replacements. Reliable appliances also provide consistent performance, enhancing your daily living experience.

Are these brands suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, many of these brands, especially Speed Queen, offer durable enough appliances for commercial use while being suitable for residential settings. Their durability and reliability make them a good investment for both home and commercial environments.

How can I make sure my appliances remain reliable over time?

Regular maintenance, following the manufacturer's guidelines for use and care, and promptly addressing any issues can help ensure your appliances remain reliable. Many brands also offer extended warranties and customer support to assist with any problems that arise.

Are there any new technologies in 2024 that improve appliance reliability?

Brands like Bosch, Thermador, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Speed Queen use advanced tech in their appliances. Features like smart connectivity, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced cleaning and cooking systems are designed to improve both performance and reliability.

Where can I purchase these reliable appliance brands?

You can purchase these brands from reputable appliance retailers like Kelly’s Home Center, which offers a wide selection of Bosch, Thermador, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Speed Queen appliances. Kelly’s provides both online and in-store shopping options.

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