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Traeger’s New Grill


Have you heard of the new amazing Traeger Timberline XL grill? We just got them in our store and had to jump on over here and tell you all about them!


In case you aren’t familiar with Traeger Grills, Traegers are one of the leading pellet grills on the market. Traeger offers a few types of grills to choose from in varying sizes to ensure you are getting a grill that fits your needs.

Traeger Timberline Pellet Grill

Traeger Grills are pellet grills that will provide amazing quality to get your food exactly how you would like.

Some of the unique features of the Timberline XL include:

Smart Combustion™ technology: Uses multiple sensors throughout the grill to have consistent and thorough cooking.

WiFIRE®: Control your Traeger grill from the app on your phone.

Super Smoke Mode: If you want to increase the amount of smoke then you can push the button so you can have more smoke flavor.

TRU Convection® System: Creates a vortex of smoke to cook your food even faster.

Traeger Pellet Sensor: Your app will let you know when your pellets are getting too low.

Traeger Downdraft Exhaust® System: Keeps smoking going over your food to get your food tasting great.

Concealed Grease Pan: Collects the grease internally so that you can’t see it and it is easy to clean up.

Stainless Steel Front Shelf: Have more space for food prep!

Magnetic Bamboo Cutting Board: A cutting board that attaches to the side of the grill to have more prep space.

EZ-Clean ™ Grease & Ash Keg: You can easily clean out all of the components of the grill to ensure a clean area for cooking.

Touchscreen display: Smart touchscreen features

Why Customers Love the Traeger

There is a lot to love about the new Traeger grill! Customers love their Traeger! One of the most attractive qualities of the Trager is the tiered grilling stations. Customers love the fact that they can grill their food on multiple tiers. Not only is there a main grilling station, but two racks to place other items. This XL grill allows for an XL large amount of food!

Other reasons customers love the New Traeger XL:

Great tasting food: Since Traeger cooks with pellets they offer wood-fired tasting food that you can’t get with other barbeques or charcoal grills.

Easily Monitored: You don’t have to hover over your grill as they cook like you have to do with many other barbeques and grills. It has gotten even easier now that grills have been connected to Wifi.

Pellets: Did you know the pellets come in different flavors? That’s right, you can pick a flavor to smoke your food in!

Induction Side Burner: The new Traeger XL is the only outdoor girl on the market with an induction side burner.

Built-in Ready: For the first time ever from Traeger, the Timberline XL can be built into an outdoor kitchen.

LED Lights: This is the first Traeger grill that has lights on the side of the grill.

Wireless Meat Probes: By incorporating Meater technology, the Trager XL allows the consumers to check the temperature of the meat without wires!

Customizations: The new Traeger grill has the most customizable options of any other Traeger. Some of the customization options include hooks, shelves, a storage bin, and even a paper holder.

If you haven’t bought a Traeger yet it might be time to think about getting one!

Where to Purchase a Traeger XL Grill

Our customers are swooning over the new Traeger Grill! If you are interested in purchasing a grill you can come into your local Salem, Eugene, or Corvallis Kelly’s Appliance. One of our educated sales team can show you our entire grill selection - including the new Traeger XL grill.


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