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Unique Cooktop Comparisons


When shopping for new kitchen appliances one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is whether you want to get an all-in-one range, or a cooktop and a wall oven.

wolf cooktop

With both choices there’s pros and cons, but the extra level of customization you can get with a wall oven and cooktop combo can be a pretty tempting setup. Today, we're going to focus on some very unique cooktops that stand out due to their one-of-a-kind features.

Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop

First up on the docket is Thermador’s Freedom Induction cooktop CIT36YWBB. This 36” cooktop may seem like a fairly standard induction cooktop at first glance, but what sets it apart from other cooktops is the fact that it doesn't have designated induction zones.

Instead, the cook top uses sensors to detect induction compatible cookware placed on its surface and will create a cooking zone at that location. Because of this feature, this model touts the largest induction cooking surface on the market in its class.

It's also able to support up to six separate cook zones at once for a truly smart and unique cooking experience.

Signature Kitchen Suite

Next up is the SKS high power induction cooktop SKSIT3601G.

This cooktop comes equipped with two 3,700-watt induction zones on each side of the cook surface, which is a good start. The real selling point of this cooktop though is the 11-inch dual-center element which delivers 7,000 watts of power to your induction cooking element.

Induction cooktops have really carved out a name for themselves over recent years for how fast they are able to heat up compared to other cooking methods but backing induction cooking speed with 7,000 watts of power will let you get to rolling boils and high cooking temperatures faster than you’ve ever seen before.

Fisher & Paykel Hybrid Induction & Gas Cooktop

Following that is the Fisher & Paykel Hybrid induction and gas cooktop CGI905DLPTB4. Like I mentioned earlier, Induction cooking has really made a name for itself recently by how user friendly it is, as well as how quickly it can reach temperature.

But a lot of us know that there’s just something uniquely satisfying about cooking on a gas cooktop. Several companies have cued into this, and you can now find several pro ranges that have both induction and gas cooktops built into them, but pro ranges have pro range price tags.

To accommodate for that, Fisher & Paykel is rolling out a hybrid gas and induction cooktop to give you the best of both worlds. Equipped with four induction zones and a single 90cm gas burner, this cooktop provides a uniquely versatile experience paired with a sleek and modern look.

Wolf’s Wok Burner Range

Last on our list today, while not technically a cooktop, is Wolf's wholly unique Wok burner range top SRT362W. Most companies that produce high powered gas cooktops have started offering either aftermarket Wok burner stands or have started making the burner stands they package with their cooktops reversible for wok cooking.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of brands don't pack in the high amount of BTU’s many serious Wok cookers. Wolf decided to take that issue head on though with their wok burner range tops available in 36” and 48”.

From a searing 35,000 BTU’s to a low 3,500 BTU’s, this range top not only packs some serious heat, but also manages to offer low temperatures for day-to-day cooking.

Purchasing a Cooktop

If any of these cooktops piqued your interest, or if you're trying to decide if a cooktop and wall oven combo is the right fit for you, any of our sales representatives at our Kelly’s Appliance Eugene, Salem or Corvallis locations would be happy to help.

sks cooktop
close up cooktop

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