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What Are The Quietest Dishwashers?


Nobody likes a loud dishwasher and many customers specifically ask for a dishwasher that has low decibel levels.


Loud dishwashers can be really annoying and impact your sleep, your quiet times, and how you watch tv. Some of our customers have shared that they have had to wait to start their dishwasher until after their favorite television shows due to the noise.

Don't you want a dishwasher that you don't even know is running?

The Quietest Dishwasher on the Market

Thankfully, there are some amazing low-decibel dishwashers on the market and we would love to share some with you. The quietest dishwashers include JennAir Rise, Bosch Benchmark, GE Profile, and Café.

JennAir Rise: 38 dBA

The JennAir Rise dishwashers unique features include;

12% more loading height: More load height so that you can add taller items in your dishwasher.

Powerful TriFecta™ Wash System: "No need to choose between brilliant cleaning, water/energy reduction, and quieter operations because Jenn-Air® TriFecta™ dishwashers deliver all three. Its three-stage filtration, pressurized wash arms, and alternating wash action in two wash zones yield superlative results."

Bosch Benchmark 38 dBA

The Bosch Benchmark dishwashers features include;

RackMatic™ Adjustable Upper Rack: Adjust your dishwasher racks to fit different types of items into your machine.

24/7 AquaStop: If your machine notices that there is liquid on the outside of the machine it will automatically stop. You won't have to worry about undetected leaks.

SpeedPerfect™ Cycle: Clean dishes much quicker than a normal cycle.

GE Profile 39 dBA

The GE Profile dishwasher features include;

Twin Turbo Dry Boost: This feature allows for extremely dry dishes. The GE Profile offers two heaters and two fans to ensure the best dry possible.

Built-In Third Rack: There is an additional third rack that allows customers to clean more dishes in fewer loads.

4 Bottle Wash Jets: The 4 bottle wash jets enable the dishwasher to clean tall items.

Hard Food Disposer: "The Piranha Hard Food Disposer lets you use your dishwasher without pre-rinsing. Its stainless steel impellers rotate at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food particles and an anti-jamming design makes sure wash arms stay unclogged."

Café 39dBA

The Cafe dishwasher features include;

Ultra Wash & Dual Convection Ultra Dry: The ultra wash and dry features allow for all of your dishes to be completely clean by the end of the cycle. You no longer have to worry about wet dishes when unloading.

Steam + Sanitize: The steam and sanitize feature will pretreat the dishes before the normal load begins.

Where Can I Purchase A Quiet Dishwasher?

You can purchase the quietest dishwasher on the market at any of our local Kelly's Appliance stores. If you are located in Salem, Corvallis, or Eugene, Oregon then you can head on into Kelly's. One of our talented staff can help you find the best dishwasher perfect for your needs!


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