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What Makes Biltwell Furniture So Unique?


Kelly’s Home Center proudly sells Biltwell Furniture and you can come in today to check out all of our special and uniquely made pieces.


When customers come in we are happy to share with them all of our Biltwell Furniture pieces that would fit perfectly into their space. We absolutely love the furniture, and we trust that it will provide our customers with a high-quality product.

What Makes Biltwell Furniture So Unique?

Biltwell Furniture is locally made in Portland, Oregon. All of the pieces of the furniture are created here in Oregon from beginning of the process to the end. So, if you are looking for a truly local company then Biltwell is certainly a fabulous company.

Some other amazing unique features of Biltwell include:

Lifetime warranted frames: Biltwell is so confident in their furniture that they have a lifetime warranty on their furniture frames. The wood frames are made from alder which is grown responsibly and harvested in the Northwest.

Waste Free: Biltwell is committed to protecting the environment as much as they can. Many of their products they use are from recycled products such as their seat springs (recycled steel) and cushions (made from recycled drink bottles.) Biltwell takes it one step further - all of their sawdust and wood scraps are recycled to heat employee's homes.

Built to Last: Ultimately, Biltwell really wanted to create an environmentally friendly furniture brand that is built to last. They wanted to make sure that there were less couches in the landfills so to do that they needed to make the most high-quality furniture pieces.

Types of Biltwell Furniture Pieces

Biltwell offers a few different types of furniture pieces.

They offer:

Sofas & Sectionals
Biltwell has over 130 lines starting from Adele all the way down to Treviso.

Biltwell offers 4 lines of ottomans including Angelo, Asti Cube, Pepe Ottoman, and Trista.

Accent Chairs
Biltwell has close to 30 lines of accent chairs starting from Alba all the way down to Venice.

Biltwell offers 4 lines of headrests including Daniele, Elena, Pippa and Rachele.

Where to Find Biltwell Furniture in Oregon

If you live in or around Salem, Corvallis or Eugene Oregon come into Kelly’s Home Center and we can show you all of our Biltwell Furniture pieces that we have to offer. We would love to find something that fits your space perfectly.


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