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Why Are Beko Dishwashers One of The Best


Beko started in 1955 and has since become one of the leading appliance brands with one of the best dishwashers on the market. They definitely strive for families to have more efficient and powerful appliances and they work diligently to perfect their brand.

Hero Image of Beko Dishwasher

In terms of performance, Beko surpasses many of its top competitors which is why it has become such a popular brand. Beko dishwashers are extremely reliable and provide a superior clean.

Here at Kelly’s Appliance, we offer an array of Beko appliances including many of their dishwashers. You are bound to find a dishwasher that fits your needs

Features of the Beko Dishwashers

Beko has amazing features that provide people with an exceptional clean!

CornerIntense: Instead of a spray arm rotating on a fixed axis, the Beko CornerIntense(R) spray arm rotates on a movable axis. Jets of water continually move in more than just one fixed pattern.

Ever Clean Filter: EverClean(TM) Filter automatically rinses the filter with pressurized water to remove food residue and debris, keeping the filter clean up to four times longer—no need to manually clean the filter as often, for continued dishwashing performance.

Deep Wash: DeepWash(TM) technology brings three water-adjustable jets that deliver increased water pressure to a dedicated wash zone. It easily handles several tall bottles or jars with narrow openings or larger items.

SelfDry: SelfDry(TM) is a new auto door-opening system that unseals and opens the door of the dishwasher after the program has finished, letting ambient air in and drying dishes naturally without the use of additional energy.

Quiet: Beko dishwashers are as quiet as 39 dBA. A convenient red light shines on the floor when our ultra-quiet dishwashers are running.

IonGuard: An eco-friendly ionizer eliminates any potential odors without using any planet-harming and people-harming chemicals.

Adjustable Rack: The middle rack is height adjustable, so you can fit that oversized pasta pot on the bottom rack. No wasting gallons of water hand-washing it.

HomeWhiz Compatible: Control your dishwasher with remote control.

Beko Strives to Be the Best

Beko is constantly improving and striving to be the best. They are constantly trying to find innovative ways to clean your dishes. Since Beko is a family-oriented business they want families to have the most efficient and reliable appliances on the market. You can trust that Beko is doing the best they can do for their consumers.

Wide Range of Pricing

Beko has a wide range of dishwashers with a variety of prices. Regardless of your price point, Beko has a dishwasher for you. Make sure that you inform your sales member of your price point so they can find what fits your budget and your needs.

Where to Find a Beko Dishwasher

If you are looking for a Beko dishwasher and you are located in Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, or Central Point then contact Kelly’s Home Center. We offer a wide variety of dishwashers. We would love to help you find the perfect dishwasher for your needs and within your budget.

Adding Dishwasher Detergent to Dishwasher
Open Beko Dishwasher

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