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Viking30" Electric Induction Range

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Viking 30" Electric Induction Range

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MagneQuick(TM) Induction Elements - MagneQuick(TM) Induction Elements convert electricity into a magnetic field, which reacts with iron in your cookware and instantly transforms the pan into the heat source., Vari-Speed Dual Flow(TM) Convection - Maximize airflow and fluffiness with Vari-Speed Dual Flow(TM) Convection System. Two-speed convection system capable of turning the fan in both directions. This combined with the largest convection fan blade in the in, Concealed Bake Element - Get more control and less mess with the 10-pass concealed bake element. This dual concealed bake element provides finer temperature control and makes oven clean up easy., Rapid Ready(TM) Preheat System - Wait less and cook more with the Rapid Ready(TM) Preheat System. Quick preheat means less time for the user to wait for the oven to be ready to cook in., Extra Large Capacity Oven - Cook for everyone you know and still have leftovers with the largest capacity oven in the industry.

Model Color Regular Price Savings After Savings
VIR5304BAR Apple Red $8599.00 $560.00 $8,039.00
VIR5304BBK Black $8599.00 $560.00 $8,039.00
VIR5304BCB Cobalt Blue $8599.00 $560.00 $8,039.00
VIR5304BGG Graphite Gray $8599.00 $560.00 $8,039.00
VIR5304BSS Stainless Steel $7799.00 $510.00 $7,289.00
VIR5304BWH White $8599.00 $560.00 $8,039.00

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