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Essential Appliance Sizing Tips: Ensuring a Perfect Fit

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Choosing the right kitchen appliance is an exciting endeavor, but before you make your selection, it's essential to ensure a seamless fit within your home. At Kelly's, we understand that proper measurements are the foundation of a successful appliance purchase. In this guide, we'll provide you with expert tips on measuring your space to guarantee a perfect match for your new appliance.

1. Prep for Entry:

Before you dive into appliance specifics, take a moment to prepare your entryways and delivery path. It's crucial to ensure that your chosen appliance can comfortably make its way into your home.

- Measure the height of doorways and entryways along the delivery path.
- Assess the width of doorways from jamb to jamb.
- Calculate the height of hallways along your intended route.
- Leave an extra inch or two on each side of doors and entryways to allow for smooth maneuverability during delivery.
- Keep a record of all measurements to guide your shopping experience.

If your appliance or its packaging is larger than the narrowest doorway or hallway along the delivery route, consider alternative paths, removing doors if necessary, or opt for a smaller-sized appliance.

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2. Sizing Up Refrigerators and Freezers:

Ensuring a refrigerator or freezer fits perfectly in its designated space requires meticulous measurements.

- Measure the available space for the appliance, pulling out any existing units if necessary.
- Determine the height from the floor to the lowest point of upper cabinets.
- Measure the width between side cabinets.
- Deduct 1 inch of clearance above and at least 2 inches behind the appliance for proper ventilation.
- Measure the new appliance's height from the floor to the hinge top, width from left edge to right, and depth from the front of the door handle to the back.

For chest freezers, measure the height for both closed and open positions, width from left to right, and front-to-back depth.

3. Perfect Fit for Ranges:

To ensure your range aligns seamlessly with your countertop and cabinets, precise measurements are essential.

- Measure the cabinet space's height from the floor to the top of the countertop or right under the cabinet.
- Calculate the width from one side to the other, considering variations from top to bottom. Use the narrowest measurement.
- Measure the depth from front to back.
- Account for the manufacturer's recommended clearance between the wall and the range.

For the range itself, measure its height from the floor to the cooktop (excluding control panels), width from left edge to right, and the widest part's depth, excluding handles or knobs.

4. Cooktop Dimensions:

Unless you plan to change your cabinets, your cooktop's size should match your existing unit.

- Measure the inside of the existing cut-out space for width, depth, and height (floor to top of the counter).
- Subtract any space required for gas lines, ventilation, or manufacturer specifications beneath the cooktop.
- Ensure proper clearance between the cooktop and any cabinets or hoods above it.

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5. Dishwasher Fitting:

Dishwashers are designed to snugly fit under countertops and align with cabinets.

- Measure the cabinet space's height (floor to right under the countertop), width (top and bottom, using the narrowest measurement), and depth (from back to front).
- Account for any plumbing or manufacturer-specified space requirements.
- Measure the existing dishwasher's height (bottom to top), depth (front to back edge), and width (widest part from left to right).

6. Wall Oven Considerations:

When replacing a wall oven, precise measurements are essential for a seamless installation.

- Measure the cabinet opening's height, depth, and width (narrowest measurement at the top).
- For the wall oven itself, measure height (top to bottom), depth (front to back edge, excluding handles or knobs), and width (widest part from left to right).

7. General Measuring Tips:

Keep these universal tips in mind to ensure a smooth appliance selection process:

- Be aware that cabinet openings may not have consistent widths or heights from top to bottom. Always use the narrowest and shortest measurements.
- Request the appliance's box dimensions to ensure it will fit on delivery.
- Never assume that all brands of an appliance have the same measurements.
- Clarify the depth (back to front), width (left to right), and height (top to bottom) of each appliance.
- Always measure twice to ensure accuracy; even a small discrepancy can lead to installation issues.
- Include any feet, hinges, or protrusions in your measurements.
- Account for proper door clearance and control panel clearance for ranges.


With careful planning and precise measurements, you'll be equipped to choose the perfect-sized appliances for your kitchen. Remember that our team at Kelly's is here to assist you throughout the entire appliance selection process. If you require additional guidance, including measurements, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our locations nearest you. We're dedicated to helping you find appliances that fit your home seamlessly.

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