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Signs you Need a New Fridge


You might be wondering if it is time to get a new refrigerator. There are certainly obvious signs that you need a new fridge, such as, it won’t turn on, but what are the other signs?


Here at Kelly’s Appliance we are experts in refrigerators, and we know all of the signs to look for when your fridge is about to expire.

1. Food Spoiling too Quickly

If your food is spoiling way before the expiration date, there might be an issue with your refrigerator.

2. Starting to Hear the Motor

In a normal working refrigerator, you should hear it run every once in a while. If your fridge is starting to fall apart then you may notice it running all the time without stopping. If you notice your fridge is continually running, then you need a new one.

3. Back of Fridge it Hot

The back of your fridge shouldn’t be hot- it should be room temperature. If the back of the fridge is too hot, then it means that it is overheating and you need a new one.

4. Fridge is More than 10 Years Old

It is hard to tell exactly how long a refrigerator will last because it all depends on several different factors. Typically, the average age for a refrigerator is around 10 years but it may break down early or may last longer. If your fridge is around 10 years old, you may want to start considering purchasing a new one.

5. The Seals are Breaking/Already Gone

A refrigerator depends on the seals around the door to ensure that it can regulate the temperature inside. When the seal breaks then the refrigerator can’t properly do its job. You can absolutely fix the seals, but you have to determine if the price to fix your fridge is worth it.

6. Ice Build Up in the Freezer

Once you start noticing freezer burn, frost build up or clumps of ice in your freezer, then you should know that your freezer is no longer functioning properly. Your fridge may have an issue with the temperature. It may be getting too cold or may be warming up and then cooling down.

7. Increase Electrical Bill

It may be time to get a new fridge if you notice that your electricity bill skyrockets. Your fridge may be taking up a lot more energy and overworking. If you notice your electricity bill has gone up, then it may be your fridge to blame and you will need a new one.

8. Need More Space

Your refrigerator might be working great, but you might just need more space. There might be many reasons you may need to have more space such as having children or moving into a new home.

9. Water Dispenser/Ice Maker Broken

One of the first things that breaks on a refrigerator is the external water or ice machine. Some people choose to fix the machine, some decide to live with the inability to use the machine, others decide to just purchase a new refrigerator.

10. Need to Buy a HE Fridge

Maybe it is time you just want an upgrade whether it is for the new features, or to get a high-efficiency refrigerator. Your fridge might be working great, but you are envious of the new technology available. There are amazing fridge’s with exceptional features that surpass many outdated appliances.

Where to Purchase a New Fridge

If you are located in Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, or surrounding areas you can come into one of your local Kelly’s Appliance stores to look at our entire refrigerator inventory. One of our amazing team members will answer questions you may have about our stock.


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