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Speed Queen TC5 vs TR5 Series


While it's hard to go wrong with any of the Speed Queen models, it is true that one may suit your specific laundry needs more than another.

Two of their most popular washer models, the TC5 and the TR5 are very similar, but there are a few specific differences that could help you determine which model works best for you.

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Both the TC5 and the TR5 are the same size and weight, and both have six pre-set cycles, four temperature selections, two soil level selections and an automatic five-year warranty. Where they differ the most, however, is the speed of the machine.

The TC5 has a two-speed ½ hp motor, whereas the TR5 has a variable speed, 1 hp motor with a maximum spin speed of 820 RPM. This could come in handy if you’re frequently doing large loads of heavily soiled items.

The TC5 has two different load size selections, whereas the TR5 has three. The TR5 features Speed Queen’s special quiet agitation with a rating of only 43dB, which means that sleeping newborn won’t be woken up. The TR5 also has an automatic balancing system, which means there’s no adjusting the clothes mid-wash.

The last big difference between the two is the TC5 uses the Speed Queen Classic Clean™ wash action, while the TR5 uses Speed Queen’s Perfect Wash™. Each of these wash actions will do a great job and leave your clothes clean and fresh. Speed Queen’s Classic Clean produces faster cycles (about 30 minutes) while delivering clean results. You’ll get a 210-degree agitation stroke, 60 strokes per minute and a deep fill option that fills the tub. It’s a classic for a reason – it works.

Speed Queen’s Perfect Wash provides a deep clean that’s gentle on your clothes. The innovative system links the agitator and tub to provide a gentle, but effective wash action that leverages the power of water to clean your clothes. This wash action provides a premium wash that safeguards your family’s clothing investment, keeping your items in good condition for years to come.

Whether it's the TC5 or the TR5 that suits your needs better (or any other washer, for that matter) the easy part is deciding where to shop – right here at your local Kelly's.


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