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Maytag Came Out with a Pet Washer and Dryer


Are you looking for a washer/dryer unit that is specifically designed for pet owners? Maytag has got you covered! Maytag has recently developed a pet washer and dryer to help you keep your laundry clean after playing with your furry friends. The Pet Pro is an innovative washing machine and dryer that pulls out pet hair from your clothes.

Maytag Pet Washer

Pet Hair is a Problem

A survey was conducted among 2000 pet owners. It revealed that 50% of them go to the laundromat to clean their clothes because they are afraid of what the pet hair might do to their washing machine. Of those 2000 people, 60% shared that pet hair is a huge problem in their life. Maytag saw the problem and created a solution by engineering the first washer and dryer of its kind.

Pet Pro Features for the Washing Machine

The Pet Pro washing machine helps remove the hair from the clothes and then captures the fur within the pet pro filter.

Built-in Water Faucet

The washer has a built-in faucet at the top of the machine. This feature allows you to scrub out stains and messes before placing them into the machine.

Pet Pro Option

The Pet Pro Option is a button you push at the top of the washer that instructs the washing machine to pull out all of the fur from the clothing inside.

Pet Pro Filter

Once all of the fur has been snatched out of your clothing it gets caught in the Pet Pro Filter. The Pet Pro Filter, the industry’s first pet hair filter in the washer, removes 5X more pet hair from clothes. (Comparing Normal cycle with Pet Pro Filter and an option to cycle using traditional agitator without Pet Pro Filter and option. Results will vary based on fabric and type of pet hair.)

Deep Fill

The washer has a deep fill option so that there is more water within the unit. The extra water helps to saturate loads, loosen stains, and helps soak away tough messes.

Pet Pro Features for the Dryer

The Pet Pro washer isn’t the other unit that provides unique features targeted toward pet owners. The dryer is always built to help with pet fur.

Pet Pro Option

Uses a no-heat, extended dry time to lift pet hair from clothes.

XL Lint Trap

Once the pet hair has been lifted out of the clothes it is collected in an XL lint trap perfect for gathering pet hair.

Steam Enhanced

Harnesses the power of steam to help prevent wrinkles and refresh clothes.

Where to Find the Pet Pro Washer/Dryer

You can find the new Pet Pro washer and dryer (MVW6500MBK & MED6500MBK) at any Kelly’s Home Center. If you are located in Eugene, Corvallis, Salem or Central Point then head into your local Kelly’s. We are open Monday-Saturday! One of our sales team members would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our available appliances.

Whirlpool Pet Washer 3
Whirlpool Pet Washer 2

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