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Kelly’s Tracking Systems and Processes


We want you to be in the loop as much as possible with any order you place with us. We understand and appreciate the anticipation that is had when waiting for an appliance. It’s like waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve! We have two main tools that you can use that will hopefully help you as you wait for your order to arrive, so you are always up to date.

delivery tracking

We offer two different channels (outside of traditional emails, phone calls, and texts) that you can use to track your order. One is used to track a scheduled delivery and the other is used to track a pending order, or an order that has yet to land in our warehouse.

At the top of our webpage, you’ll see two options: Track Your Delivery, and Check Order Status. The former is used when you are tracking a scheduled delivery, and the latter is used when you’d like a status update on an order that is pending and has not yet arrived.

kellys menu

On the landing page for the Track Your Delivery page, you will find several form fields or widgets that you can use to find your order’s status en route for delivery. There are three widgets so please use the one that corresponds to your order’s region. The first is for Kelly’s orders that have been placed through our Eugene, Corvallis, or Salem locations. The second is for orders made through Kelly’s Central Point store. The third and final widget is used for Kelly’s Furniture orders.

Kellys Track Your Delivery

The widgets will become live after delivery has been routed, usually between 3-5 PM the evening prior to the scheduled delivery date, so if you try and use this feature earlier than this and nothing shows up, please do not panic. All you have to do to access the tracking once delivery has been scheduled is either your invoice or phone number. Please ensure when you place an order you are aware of the primary phone number used.

Now on to the Check Order Status page. This is a very straightforward page that offers a form you can fill out. Once you submit this to us, we will be able to process the request and get you an update. Queue sizes vary, but we do our best to be in touch with you no later than 48 hours from the time of form submission. Even if we do not have an updated ETA from the manufacturer, we will still be in touch to let you know we have received the request and that we are working on getting you an update.

Kellys Check Your Order

Finally, as we mentioned above, we have traditional forms of contact that you can also use to get in touch with us. Below you will find a link to our contact page that offers the phone numbers for all of our stores, or, if you’d like to send us a general email, you can do so at info@kellyshomecenter.com.

Generally speaking, tracking an ETA from a manufacturer can take some time so we do ask for your patience in this process as sometimes it can take multiple business days to get tracking from them that we can then pass along to you.

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