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The Speed Queen Difference

Shop Speed Queen Washer and Dryer Models Today!

Browse our selection of Speed Queen washers and dryers available in front load, top load, stackable, and pairs. Make laundry day less daunting with Speed Queen washers and dryers built to last longer. Choose your preferred electric or gas washer and dryer units to find the best appliance that fits your needs and budget.

Laundry solutions for pet owners

Experts in fabric care

Care for all lifestyles

Speed Queen Awards

Most Reliable Washer & Dryer Brand

When it comes to an appliance that is built to last longer, Speed Queen helps put your mind at ease. Over the years, Speed Queen has won several national awards, including Women’s Choice Awards, recognition from Good Housekeeping, and was rated the Most Reliable Brand by Consumer Reports.

Experts in Pet Solutions

If you are a pet owner, then you know the struggle of pet hair on your floors, clothing, and furniture is a serious issue. With Speed Queen Pet Plus cycles, you can utilize highly effective features to remove hair and keep your laundry looking fresh.

Speed Queen Quiet

Speed Queen Equips Your Home With Durability and Efficient Performance

Washers are a simple way to add convenience to your home, whether you live in a small apartment or a large house. You can find a washer and dryer that fits your lifestyle and budget. There are plenty of features and options to consider. Stacked units are great if you have a narrow space, such as a laundry closet. If you’ve had the same washer and dryer for a while now, you’ll be happy to discover that the Speed Queen washer and dryer units come packed with all the features you need.

Top Load vs. Front Load Washers

Top load washers are great if you find it hard to kneel down or have bad knees. Also, you can find some washers with a No Lid Lock feature, which means you can pop open the lid if you forgot to add in any piece of clothing and you already started the cycle. Front load washers are perfect if you want to save space and you are looking to stack your units.

Not sure if you should go for a front load or a top load washer? Read our blog, Front Load or Top Load Washers: Which One Should I Choose?

Speed Queen Perfect Wash & Ultra Quiet Washer & Dryer Units

Whether it’s family game night or you are working from home and want to start a load of laundry, you’ll appreciate Speed Queen’s quiet washer and dryer units. Once you get your laundry load started, you can rest assured that your clothes will be taken care of in a gentle cycle, delivering the ultimate fabric care.


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