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Beko Refrigerator - BUFR2715WH


As things begin to heat up outside, it’s important to have a freezer you can rely on that is going to keep your frozen treats, meats, and other goods safe and protected. Beko has provided an excellent piece of equipment to fulfill these needs with their model BUFR2715WH.…

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All About the GE - JKS3000SNSS


Today we’re going to look at a strong and affordable contender in the wall oven category and go over some features and benefits it has that you may not be familiar with. We hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to make a more informed decision about which wall oven will be a good fit for you.…

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4 Totally Awesome Features of the GE GFW550SPRRS


The GE GFW550SPRRS is a great washing machine with some totally awesome features that you can’t possibly pass up! If you are looking for a washing machine that cleans well, fights stains, and sanitizes then this is the washer for you! This amazing washer can be found in both dark blue and white and has features that stand out!…

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All About the WHIRLPOOL - WCG55US0HS


Simple and effective, this Whirlpool cooktop will make a great addition to any kitchen. Today, we’ll look at some key features of this model and why we think it’s a great product to have in your home.…

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Reasons Why Your Couch Sucks & Why You Need a New One


Can we just point out the obvious? Your couch sucks and it is time for a new one. Your couch is probably not comfortable, has broken pieces, and the fabric may quite possibly be literally falling off. Stop making excuses as to why you don’t need a new one…you do.…

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Resources To Learn More About Your Appliances


Getting a new appliance can be daunting, and the control panels on some units can appear a bit overwhelming at first, but thankfully there are resources at our disposal that can be used to help get us up and running with our appliances.…

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The Best Washers for Large Families


When you have a large family, you need a large capacity washer to reduce the number of loads that you will have to complete in order to clean all of the dirty laundry that is created by your family.…

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Best High-End Ranges of 2023


If you have stumbled across this article it is likely because you are in the market for a brand-new range. At Kelly’s Home Center, we have top-of-the-line appliances including the best ranges in 2023. You can visit one of our locations and speak to a sales member to find the perfect range for your needs and budget.…

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What Laundry Set Should I Get if I Have a Pet?


Pets are part of the family. Every animal in your home holds a special part in your heart. Although we all know you love your pets, appliance companies realized that hair is a huge problem. Your pets shed everywhere, which is one of the most frustrating things about having a fur baby.…

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Most Comfortable Mattress in 2023


We all know that having a good mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. Having a good night's sleep is directly linked to both physical and emotional health. If you feel like your mattress is negatively contributing to your overall health then it might be time to invest in a brand-new mattress.…

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Maytag Came Out with a Pet Washer and Dryer


Are you looking for a washer/dryer unit that is specifically designed for pet owners? Maytag has got you covered! Maytag has recently developed a pet washer and dryer to help you keep your laundry clean after playing with your furry friends. The Pet Pro is an innovative washing machine and dryer that pulls out pet hair from your clothes.…

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All About the New Monogram Induction Cooktop


Monogram came out with an amazing induction cooktop and it is certainly worthy of checking out. An induction cooktop uses electromagnetism to heat up cookware. The cookware then becomes its own source of heat.…

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All About the New LG Front Load Washer


LG is one of the leading brands in the appliance industry and has developed a strong reputation for high-quality front-load washers. LG has come out with yet another front-load washer that is bound to meet your high expectations.…

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The Amazing Value of the New Frigidaire Slide In Range


Frigidaire recently developed a brand new slide-in range for both electric (FCFE3083AS) and gas (FCFG3083AS). The range is an excellent value for your money and one that you should consider if you are purchasing a new range.…

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Why Are Beko Dishwashers One of The Best


Beko started in 1955 and has since become one of the leading appliance brands with one of the best dishwashers on the market. They definitely strive for families to have more efficient and powerful appliances and they work diligently to perfect their brand.…

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