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What GE front load washer is best for me?


Shopping for a new washing machine can be a daunting task, especially with all the models on the market today. Today though, we're hoping to help you narrow down those options by looking at GE’s current lineup of front load washers as we point out the pros and cons of some models that at a glance may look identical.…

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Signs you Need a New Fridge


You might be wondering if it is time to get a new refrigerator. There are certainly obvious signs that you need a new fridge, such as, it won’t turn on, but what are the other signs?…

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Double Oven Ranges vs Single Oven Ranges


Kelly’s Appliance offers many types of ranges including double oven ranges. The double oven range is much like the traditional single oven range but with two oven compartments.…

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What Makes Biltwell Furniture So Unique?


Kelly’s Home Center proudly sells Biltwell Furniture and you can come in today to check out all of our special and uniquely made pieces.…

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Our Smeg Small Appliances in our Kitchen Store


Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the country. Smeg proudly states that they wanted to mix technology and style. They have incorporated their appliance technology into both major and small appliances.…

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10 Reasons Why You Need a New Mattress


Are you wondering whether or not it is time for a new mattress? At Kelly’s Home Center we sell quite a few mattresses, and we get many questions about whether or not it is time for a new one.…

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Family Friendly Places to Enjoy this Summer in Salem


It is summertime and we are so excited because we all get to take our families outside more! We have had a rainy year, so summer is very welcomed.…

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Best Way to Clean out a Microwave


You might notice that your microwave is having a weird smell or looks gross - especially after that leftover spaghetti you warmed up uncovered.…

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Portable Air Conditioners at Kelly's Appliance


As we enter into the month of June, it is time to start thinking about your air conditioning needs. Many residents in and around Salem don’t give air conditioning a thought until the few months that we experience high temperatures.…

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Best Local Salem Restaurants


Kelly’s Appliance is a locally owned family store that was established in 1974 in Salem, Oregon. Since we are local, all of us like to shop and eat at locally owned businesses. We are true believers in keeping our money local and supporting small business owners.…

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How To Take Care of Your Pellet Grill


It is finally BBQ weather and people are starting to pull out their pellet grills! Although grilling and eating can be a lot of fun - we sometimes forget about pellet grill maintenance. The most common question we get is how to take care of a pellet grill.…

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Best Living Room Furniture Brands


Kelly’s Home Center is known for all of our amazing appliances! But did you know that is not all we sell? We offer high-quality furniture to fill your home.…

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Traeger vs Weber


Bring out those grills - it is Barbeque season!!! It probably comes as no surprise that the grill and barbeque market escalate during the Spring when the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out!…

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Traeger’s New Grill


Have you heard of the new amazing Traeger Timberline XL grill? We just got them in our store and had to jump on over here and tell you all about them!…

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Keep Forgetting Your Clothes in the Washer? We've got a solution


Isn’t it the worst when you keep forgetting your clothes in the washer and then you have to clean them again? We get you, you are busy, and switching clothes over to the dryer gets pushed off to the back of your to-do list.…

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