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What Are the Best Appliance Brands of 2022?


So, it is officially the year 2022, can you believe it?! It might be time for you to start looking into new appliances. New year, new appliance - are we right? As you are researching appliances you might just want a list saying, “these are the best.”…

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What Makes a Washing Machine High Efficiency?


As you are shopping for washing machines you might come across appliances that say either HE or High-Efficiency somewhere on the machine or on the tag for the machine. A common question that customers ask appliance salespeople is, “what makes a washing machine high-efficiency?”…

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What is a smart refrigerator & is it worth the price?


We are going to discuss the smart refrigerators that are on the market today, and if they are worth the extra cost.…

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Highlights of the Maytag Top Loading Washing Machine


Our Maytag top load washing machines are always a huge hit. Our consumers love Maytag because of its great reputation for being reliable and consistent.…

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A Deep Dive into Miele Steam Ovens


As you are shopping for a new oven you might come across something called a steam oven. One of the most popular brands that offer the steam oven is the Miele.

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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Consumers Are Making


Kitchen remodeling can be such an exciting time. It is always fun to get a few updates and turn your old space into something new. It may be exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful. There are many mistakes that can be made throughout the process.…

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All About The New 6 Series Electrolux Washing Machine


As you are shopping for a new washing machine you might come across the new Electrolux 6 Series washer. The 6 series has a lot of amazing upgrades that customers are loving. The Electrolux washing machine series will likely be one of the top washing machine picks of the year 2022.…

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New Year, New Appliances? How To Know If You Need a Change


Most major appliances are built to last 10 years. Therefore, if your appliance has reached the 10-year mark and isn’t performing as well then it might be time for a replacement. Besides age, there are some other signs that your major appliances might need to be replaced before that 10-year mark.…

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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Appliance Salesperson


When you are going into an appliance store you might be really overwhelmed. When you walk into a store, you are likely going to be greeted by a salesperson asking if you need any help finding something. The most common answer is, “no, I am okay.”…

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Can Kelly's Deliver to Me?


Here's the 411 on our delivery services.…

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Front Load or Top Load Washers: Which One Should I Choose?


If you are in the market for a washer you will notice that there are two distinct types of washers that you can choose. You can choose a front load washer where the door is in the front and opens towards you. You can also choose a top load washer where the lid is on the top and opens toward the ceiling.…

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Cafe French Door Fridges With A Side of Keurig


Making your day easier one step at a time with a built-in Keurig Machine.…

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What is a Convection Microwave?


So, you are in the market for a microwave, but you don’t know if it should be convection or traditional? You might not even know what a convection microwave is and how it is different from a traditional microwave. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about a convection microwave.…

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Are Café Appliances worth the extra cost?


Café Appliances are a beautiful brand but sometimes come with an extra cost. Often, you might be looking at the extra cost of an appliance and ask yourself the question, “is the extra cost worth it?”…

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A Bold New Flavor Arrives On The Scene


Coming straight out of Texas, Meat Church is a company that specializes in BBQ rubs for any and everything you can imagine putting on a barbecue.…

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