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What Laundry Set Should I Get if I Have a Pet?


Pets are part of the family. Every animal in your home holds a special part in your heart. Although we all know you love your pets, appliance companies realized that hair is a huge problem. Your pets shed everywhere, which is one of the most frustrating things about having a fur baby.

Dog laying near Laundry Set

Here at Kelly’s Appliance, we have started stocking our inventory with appliances that focus on the needs of our pet owners. Currently, we have two appliances that are perfect for pet parents; the Speed Queen 7 Series and the Maytag Pet Car laundry set.

Speed Queen 7 Series with Pet Plus

Speed Queen 7 Series Washer FF7010WN

The features of the Speed Queen 7 Series washer include:

Flea Removal Cycle: An industry-exclusive cycle that has been designed and tested as a tool in fighting a flea infestation.

Fast Cycle Times: Laundry day doesn't need to be an all-day affair. Speed Queen's fast cycle times put more free time in your day.

Stain Boost: A new cycle option that will amplify stain removal. Can be used to treat both cold- and warm-based stains, including loads with mixed stains requiring both cold and warm/hot water.

Sanitize with Oxi: We're all concerned about achieving a higher level of clean. With a sanitize with Oxi cycle, you'll have another tool to drive to that goal.

Speed Queen 7 Series Dryer DR7004WE

Features of the Speed Queen 7 Series dryer:

Pet Plus: Special pet cycles such as pet removal that are specifically tailored to pet owners.

Steam Refresh: Steam refresh will get you out the door quickly smelling refreshed and wrinkle-free.

Steam Boost: Say goodbye to static and wrinkles with the steam boost.

Steam-Sanitize: We’re all concerned about achieving a higher level of clean. With steam sanitize, you’ll have another tool to drive to that goal by killing bacteria.

Maytage Pet Care Laundry Set

Pet Pro Features for the Washing Machine MVW6500MBK

The Pet Pro washing machine helps remove the hair from the clothes and then captures the fur within the pet pro filter.

Built-in Water Faucet: The washer has a built-in faucet at the top of the machine. This feature allows you to scrub out stains and messes before placing them into the machine.

Pet Pro Option: The Pet Pro Option is a button you push at the top of the washer that instructs the washing machine to pull out all of the fur from the clothing inside.

Pet Pro Filter: Once all of the fur has been snatched out of your clothing it gets caught in the Pet Pro Filter. The Pet Pro Filter, the industry’s first pet hair filter in the washer, removes 5X more pet hair from clothes.

Deep Fill: The washer has a deep fill option so that there is more water within the unit. The extra water helps to saturate loads, loosen stains, and helps soak away tough messes.

Pet Pro Features for the Dryer MGD6500MW

The Pet Pro washer isn’t the other unit that provides unique features targeted toward pet owners. The dryer is always built to help with pet fur.

Pet Pro Option: Uses a no-heat, extended dry time to lift pet hair from clothes.

XL Lint Trap: Once the pet hair has been lifted out of the clothes it is collected in an XL lint trap perfect for gathering pet hair.

Steam Enhanced: Harnesses the power of steam to help prevent wrinkles and refresh clothes.

Contact Kelly’s Home Center

If you are looking for a laundry set that is specifically designed for pets then come into Kelly’s Home Center. We would love to show you all types of washers and dryers and help you find something that fits your needs. We are located in Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Central Point.

Dog with laundry set

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