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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Consumers Are Making


Kitchen remodeling can be such an exciting time. It is always fun to get a few updates and turn your old space into something new. It may be exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful. There are many mistakes that can be made throughout the process.


We are going to talk about some of the biggest kitchen remodeling mistakes that are made by our customers.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Sometimes kitchen remodeling mistakes are little, while other times they can be detrimental to the process and expensive.

Counter Mistakes

The infamous counter mistakes. One huge mistake is not measuring the counters correctly. If you get the wrong cut of a countertop there isn’t much you can do. If you give the wrong measurements, you typically have to swallow the costs of your mistake. Don’t find yourself in the position where you are stuck with an expensive counter slab that doesn’t work for your space.

Another countertop mistake is color confusion. We have heard many disappointed people who have picked a color without considering their appliances, wall color, or floor color. When they place the countertops on, they realize that the counters don’t remotely match their new space.

Table Mistakes

Buying a table before you consider the dimensions.

Don’t buy a table unless you have the correct measurements for the space. Just because you love a table doesn’t mean that it is going to work in your kitchen. Take into account the dimensions of where you will be eating. Don’t forget about back doors, cabinets, and counters that might be in the way.

Paint Mistakes

Choosing the wrong paint color.

Paint colors can appear different when it is next to other colors. For example, a gray color might look more purple, blue, or brown when it is next to another gray color depending on different pigmentations.

Your colors might not look as good when you place them against your cabinets, flooring, or even appliances. You will never know how your color will appear unless you make sure you sample the color first - don’t paint the entire kitchen without having an idea of how it will look.

Appliance Mistakes

Picking the wrong appliances.

There you are, ready to put the final touches on your kitchen, and you realize your appliances don’t work for your space.

Some appliance mistakes include:

Incorrect measurements

• Wrong venting system

• No water line installed

• Electric appliances instead of gas appliances

• Color that doesn’t go with the other remodeling decisions

Be sure to talk with a professional appliance salesperson to discuss your remodeling ideas and they can help you get the right appliances for your needs.

Forgetting Storage

You might be so interested in creating the most beautiful kitchen that you forget to think about functionality. Some people forget to ask the question, “where am I going to put everything?”

You need to make sure you have an idea of where you are going to put all of your appliances, silverware, cooking gear, and your food.

How to Avoid Remodeling Mistakes

The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to hire a professional if this is your first remodeling project. There is quite a bit of detail that goes into remodeling that an inexperienced individual might look past.

In order to avoid making these major mistakes, it is advised that you hire a general contractor to help you in your planning. Although it might seem expensive, it is not worth the risk to make some serious mistakes with your remodel.

When it comes time to purchase your appliances, come on to your local Kelly’s Appliance where we can help you figure out the perfect kitchen appliances for your space.


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